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A New Initiative - Sponsor Us for One Day?

We are looking for generous donors and businesses to give One Day of funding to us - someone with the means, compassion and generosity to do so. 

It costs us £124 every single day to help the 400+ women who reach out to CIS’ters for help – and to raise awareness of the existence and impact of CSA.  £124 is a one day contribution to the £45,000 annual sum of running CIS’ters.

By donating £124 to us you will have covered all the costs associated with running CIS’ters for One Day. You will be the reason CIS’ters is able to help survivors, and raise awareness, on that One day, and you can choose the date. It might be an anniversary, it might be your birthday, or it might be a date that is important to you for some other special reason.

In exchange (if you’re happy for us to do so) we would like to display your name (or your company’s name) in our office on that day so that every person accessing our centre on that day can see it.

If there is a chance that you or your company is in a position to make this donation of £124 today then I do hope you will do so.

You can also spread your donation over 12 monthly donations of £10.34. Or why not club together with a bunch of friends or co-workers and sponsor a day or even a month together?

If you are interested in our Sponsor A Day initiative – please email for more information.