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Whilst not all, some survivors of childhood sexual abuse will become revictimised as a child and/or as an adult.

The Office of the Children's Commissioner for England produced a report in November 2015 on

“Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG)”If its not better, it's not the end"

which highlighted that many victims of child sexual exploitation/commercial exploitation had previously been sexually abused in the family context and this earlier abuse was often neither identified nor addressed.

For some survivors there are also specific links between being a victim of CSA concurrently within a household that includes domestic abuse/violence and/or as an adult experiencing domestic abuse/violence.

Revictimisation can also include experiences of stalking or sexual harassment in the workplace.

It is not the fault of the individual CSA victim that they are revictimised – it is an indication of their vulnerability, which is then exploited by others.